WingHouse New 2017 Menu – Tasting Experience

About a week ago I got the opportunity to taste the new 2017 menu of the WingHouse located in Altamonte Springs, Florida; and I must say it was simply AMAZING!

From margaritas, yummy appetizers and huge tasty burgers I don’t even know where to start, and yes… it was THAT delicious.

For appetizers we had Fried Pickle Chips, Buffalo Chicken Bites, Loaded Steak Fries, and Steak & Cheese Bites. And if you ask me which one was my ultimate favorite, I would have to choose the Steak & Cheese Bites, even my husband was so happy when this came in, the perfect crispy breaded bites, stuffed with mouth-watering steak and cheese (just like the menu said it would be); and to my surprise, since neither of us like pickles, the Fried Pickle Chips were actually really good and that means a lot coming from someone who usually rejects them.

After the appetizers everyone at the tasting were quite full, so if you find yourself craving something simple, flavorful, and don’t feel like eating a big plate this is a plus! You won’t regret ordering a few of the appetizers just for yourself.

I thought food couldn’t get any better until the burgers came in, and in just 3 letters I can sum up my first reaction “O  M  G”, just look at the pictures below and you will be on your way to WingHouse in a matter of seconds because these are aaaaaaaawesome.

They gave us the options of picking one of the burgers or sandwiches from the new menu so that means I didn’t get to try each one but they all looked good (and were gigantic!), my husband and I opted for the BlackSmith Bacon Burger and the Big Boss Burger so we could split these and get a chance to try 2 of the 6 options in the menu (you can see the full menu at the end). Both of our burgers were super juicy and well made, so ,my recommendation is that of you love bacon you should definitely try the BlackSmith Burger and you are more of a meat lover then go with the Big Boss Burger for sure; and I must add that their meet is really good quality, and BIG portions which is hard to find nowadays when it comes to burgers, I hands down give the chef a 10/10 on the flavor , size and overall design of the burgers because I feel the mix of ingredients on each one is what truly makes it a Wonderfull experience. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In general the environment was friendly, the food was excellent and a hands down great customer service, I feel grateful and blessed, thank you so much for this experience WingHouse; and if you find yourself near the area don’t miss these out because you won’t regret it, I am actually craving some myself just my seeing this pictures.


Would you try any of this out? Look at the menu and let me know in the comments below which one would you pick… a spicy one? a Big Boss Burger? I would love to know.


Laura ❤ .




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